The Federation Management Platform is a unique suite of tools and services that provides federations, leagues and tournament organisers with a comprehensive administration solution. The FMP brings Sportradar’s industry-leading expertise to rights holders, so they can manage their personnel, their competitions as well as realise all the value in their sport’s data. Taken as a package, the FMP frees up resources, streamlines processes and ensures that the data powers fan engagement, sponsorship activation and revenue generation.


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Product Highlights



Designed and developed by a team of experts with strong backgrounds in sports management applications and data tools, including FIFA Connect, AFC AFCAS, UEFA FAME and DFB systems


High quality Sports Data Widgets already deployed by many Sportradar media clients

Professionally-scouted Data

Import/export functionality of top-notch data collected by Sportradar 5000-strong scouting network


Adopts market-leading practices, constantly upgraded to meet developing global standards


Easy-to-use interface with multi-device compatibility and offline capabilities

Top Data Security

Online platform with multiple hosting points globally and secured with top data protection standards

Growing Presence

Already deployed by various European and Asian football federations and with more in the pipeline

Global and Local

Currently available in over 10 different languages and served by dedicated global support teams

Federation Management



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The Federation Management solution is designed to meet a whole range of administrative requirements and needs intuitively and efficiently. The tool simply configures, schedules and manages match scheduling and resulting, while at the same time offering a user-friendly interface that streamlines all aspects of venue management: whether assigning officials or processing media. By funnelling a wide range of processes through one centralised dashboard with customisable layouts, the Federation can free up valuable resources for use in other parts of the organisation.

Data Collection


The Data Collection pillar of the FMP employs Sportradar’s industry leading tools across all the Federation’s competitions. A wide range of data is collected, processed and presented rapidly and then coupled with incredible match commentaries. The whole process is fully automated, resulting in peerless statistics and data that can be visualised across over ten different widget formats for the benefit of scouts, club officials or fans.


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Commercialisation / Fan Experience



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The FMP puts all the data collected to work for the Federation. Sportradar’s range of solutions, whether the Online Marketing Platform, the extensive Live content or the Social Wall are all used to generate or consolidate fan engagement. By cross referencing those solutions, with the user data the FMP collects from across online and mobile engagement, Sportradar’s powerful new Platform ensures that all advertising, sponsoring and other commercialisation initiatives are fully targeted and maximise returns for the Federation.

Online Marketing Platform (OMP)


The OMP is a 360° online marketing software solution focused on the needs of the sports industry. OMP tracks the user journey vertically and is constantly learning. It provides targeted content and campaigns, supports real time and retargeting campaigns, works cross platform, cross device and is user sensitive.

=> This leads to a direct increase in your online revenues


Key Features


Federation Management

 Configuration & Management of all Leagues, Competitions & Matches

 Management of Disciplinary Processes (e.g. suspensions, drug testing)

 Availability & appointment management

 Contract management

 CRM & Finance

 Hierarchical, role-based Authorisation System

 Integrated Communication Tools

 Intermediaries / Player Agents Module


 Journalist Accreditation & Registration

 Management of Data Collection Scouts

 Officials Management & Assignment

 Player, Officials, Coaches & Volunteer Registration

 Player transfer and permits management

 Report Generation & Management

 Scheduling & Result Management

 Squad Registration

 Team & Player Management

 Venue Management

Data Collection

 Automated Match Commentary

 Automatic Live Statistics & Widgets

 Dashboard for FMP Activities

 Data Feeds (API)

 Extensive Table, Statistics & Top Lists Generation

 Flexible User Role Management

 Input Interface for Existing Federation Data

 Live Data Collection Tool for Both Desktop & Mobile Devices

 Offline Data Collection Mode

Commercialisation & Fan Experience

 Advertising / Sponsorship / Branding Options

 Audiovisual Content (Video / Streaming)

 Customer Relationship Management


 Extensive Online Marketing Platform BOMP

 Mobile Applications

 More than 10 different customisable Content Widgets

 Native Advertisement

 Social Wall Integration

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