Value Chain of Data Services

We have developed an innovative data partnership model that efficiently and effectively addresses all key stages in the data value chain to create a new and rewarding business model for our partners. Starting from the development of tailor-made collection systems right through to the commercialisation and utilisation of sports data, our services have helped various rights holders to optimise their data collection standards and increase sponsor and fan engagement through attractive content solutions.

Collection System






Data Collection Systems

Flexible, simple, powerful

Sportradar has in-house developed data collection systems for more than 20 different sports which are available across multiple devices.

Whether football, basketball, rugby or table tennis, our data collection systems are tailor-made for specific rules and regulations and still provide an easy-to-use interface guaranteeing a fast and accurate data entry. Our data collection can vary from basic first-level data, e.g. results or goals to deeper and more sophisticated data, e.g. ball-spotting or player-related data, depending on needs and availability.

Data collection system examples

Data Collection

Uniquely broad

Sportradar works with a network of more than 8,300 independently contracted data journalists around the globe which enables us to cover from over 600,000 events every year.

Through our data collection systems and our Scouting Management Platform (SMP), we are able to set up continuous training sessions and scout supervision to guarantee the highest quality and integrity standards throughout the whole collection process.


Data collection examples

Data Processing

Fast, secure, validated

Sportradar processes all collected data through two independent server centres in Europe. With a delay of less than one second between the live event in the stadium and the visualisation at the customer we are among the fastest data providers in the market.

To ensure the highest quality in our data processing each and every match runs through a post-validation process to make sure that all results are accurate. Furthermore, all processes are reviewed and improved on a regular basis.

Due to our real-time processing we have also all but closed the time lag between event occurrence and event recording that allows courtsiders to flourish*.

* Courtsiding is understood as the practice of transmitting information from an area where a sport event is taking place to people overseas, in order to take advantage of broadcasting time delays to manipulate betting.

Data Distribution

Global and rapid delivery

Sportradar possesses a uniquely large network of partners and clients around the world to which we distribute our data. Among others we have partnered with some of the world most renowned corporations like Facebook or Google, but also with local media networks in Europe, Asia and America.

This makes us to one of the largest data providers in the industry and through our infrastructure and internal processing, we are able to distribute our data feeds in almost real-time to our clients.

All our data is distributed via XML or API feeds which makes it easy to implement into any modern visualisation tool.

Data Visualisation

Future-driven, responsive, comprehensive

Sportradar has developed a range of cutting-edge content solutions to provide users with the latest data visualisation tools in the market. Whether it is live scouting, match reports or statistics all our collected data can be utilised for individual purposes.

Our content solutions are totally customisable and easy to implement giving rights holder the opportunity to engage fans with comprehensive and innovative data visualisation on web as well as mobile. With the implementation of tailor-made advertising and journalistic commentary you can build your own media platform with data, video and social media integration.


Data visualisation examples

Data Commercialisation

Smart, innovative, boundless

Together with rights holders, Sportradar develops new commercial opportunities to generate untapped revenues through data and digital content. Our extensive know-how in digital advertising and sponsoring has helped rights holders to forge new paths in the age of data commercialisation.

Besides product placement, digital and mobile advertising, we provide our partners with the latest technologies to gather costumer data and implement re-targeting strategies to create even more value for leagues and federations and their stakeholders.


Data commercialisation example

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