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Combining raw data and live content

Our Audiovisual Services offer sports federations, leagues, competitions and clubs the full range of audiovisual services. From media rights acquisition and selling of in-house produced sports events to an all-in-one solution integrating live and on-demand video content with the latest data feeds: our solutions and know-how help rights holders take the next step into the digital era and create engaging content and additional revenue streams.

We have established strong partnerships with rights holders, media and betting clients around the world producing and distributing more than 30,000 live events per year and constantly develop new technologies that facilitate the integration of data and video into digital sports media platforms.




Benefits of our Audiovisual Services

We have a highly experienced production team which is covering live events around the world with a range of different sports from soccer, tennis and basketball to darts and bowls.

We can create new revenue potentials for rights holders by producing and distributing audiovisual contents through our large network of media and betting clients.

Our live streams are distributed in real-time providing our rights holder, media and betting partners with the latest live sports content to entertain their costumers and fans.

We combine data, video and advertising to innovative digital media hubs which increase fan engagement and open up further communication platforms for sponsors.

Showcase – International Tennis Federation

Together with the International Tennis Federation (ITF), we are currently producing over 5,000 live tennis matches around the world. Through our extensive network in the media and betting industry, we are distributing live streams and live data to more than 100 clients and therewith giving ITF an amazing platform to build up reach and generate further revenues.

For more information on our partnership with ITF click here

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