Learn how data is transforming the fan experience


In an increasingly competitive and splintered media landscape, how can publishers and content owners ensure their output and their platform are as engaging and user focused as they can be?

Learn more about how sporting data and user insights are growing engagement and ensuring an improved fan experience across the OTT space as well as how tactics such as personalisation, interaction and gamification can keep users on platforms for longer.

“By using data not only to keep viewers engaged but properly monetise the overall strategy, rights holders can fully leverage their digital ecosystem.”

Felix Blank | Director Digital Platforms, Sportradar

What you will find inside

  • How flexible and scalable OTT features, designed to enhance the experience, can help rights holders stand out in a crowded media landscape.

  • The opportunities that exist for content owners when it comes to personalisation, interaction and gamification overlays.

  • Why data is the key, both when it comes to the personalisation of content and also the overall monetisation strategy.