streetfootballworld and Sportradar team up for global CSR initiative

Thursday saw Sportradar and streetfootballworld celebrate the official launch of their collaboration that seeks to pool the motivation and expertise of both organisations towards the achievement of a set of mutually beneficial goals through their shared passion for football and their combined belief in its power to drive social change.

In line with the commitment to increase its CSR focus and become a frontrunner in corporate citizenship, Sportradar has pledged to engage its offices around the world and connect them with streetfootballworld’s local partners – community football for good initiatives all over the world – that use the beautiful game to effect social change each and every day.

During the first year of the partnership, the CSR programme will be rolled out in three initial locations – Munich, Minneapolis and Montevideo – where local Sportradar employees can collaborate with community organisations belonging to the streetfootballworld network (KickFair in Germany, Asociación Civil Gurises Unidos in Uruguay and Sanneh Foundation in the United States).

“Sportradar employees all over the world will gain the opportunity to experience the transformative power of football,” explains Johannes Axster, streetfootballworld Partnerships Director, “Staff members will be introduced to the field of football for good by receiving training sessions in the ‘football3’ methodology. This will give Sportradar employees a taste of this unique version of the game, which places a particular emphasis on cooperation, fair play and team building. It will also allow them to gain an insight into the operation of local football for good organisation by meeting the staff and youth participating in their programmes.”

While local initiatives will be ongoing throughout the year, a number of group-wide activities revolving around the company focus on sport and technology will also be on the agenda, such as events surrounding the FIFA World Cup or the opportunity to travel the world with the adventure football travel company ‘the third half’.

As the initiative gains momentum, it will be scaled to other Sportradar offices around the world with the goal of connecting three offices with local organisations each year, expanding the reach of the programme’s impact and allowing more Sportradar employees from a variety of departments and cultures to participate.

Sportradar CEO Carsten Koerl added: “The company have had the chance to support a range of charities and initiatives in previous years, but I am particularly excited about this new collaboration with streetfootballworld because its global network reflects our own global network of over 30 offices worldwide. Leveraging our in-house technology, expertise and enthusiasm to make a real impact on both local and global levels is something that really inspires me and I know will be embraced by our employees, who have already shown a desire to help and give back time and time again.”

About streetfootballworld

streetfootballworld is the world’s leading organisation in the field of football for good. Football has a unique power to change the world for good. streetfootballworld’s goal is to unleash this power.

streetfootballworld bridges the gap between community organisations that use football to change lives, with supporters and donors from the world of football, business, politics and philanthropy that believe in their potential to change the world. With its global network, streetfootballworld unites over 120 community organisations in 81 countries empowering more than two million disadvantaged children and young people every year. In recognition of its work, the organisation has received a variety of awards from the likes of Laureus, UEFA and the World Economic Forum.

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