Sportradar continuing to hit the Acceleradar for start-ups

Sportradar is renowned for their depth and quality of data and sports technology. But their work doesn’t just involve deriving value out of sports data and content for organisations and businesses.

As part of their wide-ranging innovation initiatives, they are also committed to helping start-ups in the sports technology industry.

Acceleradar, the industry’s first free data program to support early stage start-ups, was launched by Sportradar back in December 2016.

The program was designed to support innovators around the globe who are in need of assistance to get their ideas and initiatives off the ground. 

Initially launched in the US, the program was expanded to the rest of the world last year with so many innovators continuing to pop up across the globe. Early-stage start-ups are welcome to apply check their eligibility and apply for the program here (applications will be accepted from start-ups across the world).  

If successful, they are able to receive up to one year of free access to Sportradar’s data to enhance their products and the technology that powers those products. This includes the powering of trending technologies such as block chain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and immersive media.

The program also provides support in the form of regular status meetings and access to a start-up coaching.

With partnerships and developing collaborations with over a dozen business accelerators and start-up friendly organisations globally, those start-ups who qualify for the Acceleradar program are provided with the best possible opportunities to network and succeed.    

The most recent development within the Acceleradar program saw Sportradar partner with HYPE Sports Innovation, a global platform that facilitates connections and investments among the sports innovation ecosystem.

Successful applicants to date include eyecandylab and is an initiative utilising task-focused chatbots that help leverage a brand’s communication and marketing through fan engagement.

“We met with Sportradar for a few discussions and quickly identified the advantages of the program and how our start-up, can benefit from the vast amount of data that Sportradar has to offer,” CEO, Mark Kubatov, said.  

“It was especially interesting to see that we could create a few business cases without negotiating the terms too much, so we were very happy when the program leader invited us to the Acceleradar program.

“The whole process was smooth and, within a few weeks, we already had our pilot up and running. We were able to launch our first live product in the esports segment on the 29th of March less than a month later. So far we have racked up 800,000 total users, and 410,000 subscribers out of them, and that number is growing every day.

“The Acceleradar program provides exactly what founders need: a great source of data and information that would otherwise be extremely hard to collect or gain access to, for testing and launching new products.”

eyecandylab met with Sportradar at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas earlier this year. The company’s augmented reality technology for TV ( was seen as a great fit given they were already exploring the area of sports.

“Having a data provider as a partner is a high-value add for us,” eyecandy CEO and Co-Founder, Robin Sho Moser said.

“The ability to provide real time, almost latency free data and statistics is very important for us as this has a huge impact on the user experience.

“With Sportradar we have access to the data we need to provide an immersive augmented reality sport experience at home.

“Currently we are still in the development phase, but have already achieved some great results implementing the data into our technology. We are working closely with broadcasters from the US and Europe to visualise the real time data from Sportradar in an augmented environment.”


For more information about the Acceleradar program visit or view the information sheet here.



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