Italian Tennis Federation sign up for Sportradar Integrity Workshops

In a first, the Italian Tennis Federation (FIT) has officially launched a series of integrity education workshops which will be delivered by Sportradar Security Services to Italian professional tennis players.

The workshops will take in both mens and womens players and will be delivered by Sportradar’s Integrity Executive in Italy, Marcello Presilla.

Speaking about the workshops, Sportradar Security Services Managing Director Andreas Krannich said: “There is no denying that tennis as a sport has had a tough year. Following the matchfixing allegations at the start of the year, the Italian Tennis Federation reached out to see if we could put together a program of workshops that would be tailored specifically to tennis and that would help players understand the betting markets, how fixers operate and the potential consequences of getting involved in fixing. This is now ready to be rolled out and we appreciate the FIT being so quick to respond to the situation. The more players know and recognize, the less likely they are to fall victim to these highly organized individuals, who are looking to undermine tennis’s integrity for their financial benefit.”

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