Innovation Challenge: Meet Team Innoventure 7

Ahead of the Innovation Challenge Demo Day in Vienna on Friday June 1st, we continue our series of catch-up interviews by speaking to Innoventure 7.

Made up of brothers Christoph and Lukas Draschkowitz and Carina Bauer, the trio are all Computer Science students at The University of Vienna, with skills across coding, software development and marketing and PR.

We caught up with Innoventure 7 to find out more about their idea to aid sports writing with a stats and data tool using Sportradar’s market-leading data.

First of all, how did you come up with your team name?

We were just creatively mixing words that came into our minds, thinking about the challenge. First we had the four words of innovation, adventure, invention and venture and then you add our three team members, which makes seven. But more than anything it is a lucky number, because I [Christoph] wear it when I play ice hockey.

How do you feel? Are you excited?

We’re all big sports fans and always have been plus we also do a lot of sport ourselves and then on the other side I [Lukas] also study IT so they’re the two things that bring the passion together.

It’s been a lot of fun to work together and develop new ideas with the support of the mentors.

Can you please describe in which ways the mentors have been helpful?

The biggest help was that they described the state-of-the-art products that relate to the ideas we had so we knew which way to go as well as what was missing and what could help.

We came up with several ideas across the different challenges but, after talking with the mentors, we decided to go with data journalism.

The guidelines of how to prepare a pitch, which we received here at the Innovation Challenge, helped us a lot. By following these guidelines you make sure you go step by step and do not forget any important aspect when developing your idea.

The mentors are experts in their different fields and especially when it comes to the knowledge about what kind of solutions are currently already in the making, where there are gaps in the market and the potential to fill those gaps with innovative solutions.

How did you get to know about the Innovation Challenge?

We had heard about it at the university. We talked to one of the mentors there and he informed us about the existence of the Innovation Challenge. Since we’re very interested in sports it caught our attention immediately.

Would you recommend the Innovation Challenge to others?

I would definitely recommend it. Not just if you are interested in sports or have an IT background. One of the good things about working in a team is that every team member can contribute specific skills and a unique point of view and with all this input something new can grow.

For more information, visit the Innovation Challenge website.

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