Innovation Challenge: Meet Sport Invest

As part of Sportradar’s ongoing build-up to the Innovation Challenge Demo Day on Friday, June 1st, we take a look at the final contender – Sport Invest.

The team features just one participant – Nika Likhacheva – a student of Business and Economics at The University of Vienna, and we sat down to discuss her idea of a sports sponsorship platform as well as her hopes for the competition.

Hi Nika, can you tell us a bit more about your idea?

What we’re doing is creating a full-service platform for brands, sponsors, teams and athletes. We wanted to connect them somehow because most brands don’t know how to invest their money or choose the right team or athlete.

Some young sportspeople don’t know how to involve the money and investment and they should have a place where they can find sponsors. In that case we decided to create this platform to help them.

Sportradar already has lots of data so we want to use that but through this project it could also be possible to get more data from the teams like audience data, followers, visitors etc.

How have the mentors helped you so far?

The mentors are really nice and they’ve helped me to develop the idea so far.

We started from just a few sentences of the idea and they have tried to explain to me how I can use the data also. Step by step we are going through a list of the questions and describing the full idea.

They can recommend how to change, how to monetise the project, how to realise the business model and things like that.

What surprised you about the event?

I was surprised by how much support you get from the mentors. I had help from four or five mentors, maybe because I’m an individual, and so that was really nice.

In terms of advice, I wanted to listen more to the critical aspects from the mentors as that’s absolutely crucial. I know when you’re developing projects that you should know what you need to change. Based on constructive criticism you can develop and grow more and improve your idea.

What would it mean to win?

It would be amazing to win it as I guess then the platform would be seen as having a future and having great potential. I definitely want to make it a reality.

For more information, visit the Innovation Challenge website.

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