Sportradar Digital Sport LinkedIn page is online

As Sportradar launch the Digital Sport Showcase Page on LinkedIn, CEO Carsten Koerl, who will be driving the Digital Sport offering globally, outlines why the company is turning to LinkedIn.


Sportradar is moving into a new phase of its evolution. Having established a leading presence in the betting ecosystem with its Betradar brand, and having developed a peerless reputation with the suite of Integrity Services it provides to federations, leagues and law enforcement agencies – we are now rolling forward with our Digital Sport offering. What does that mean? It means that I have decided to focus my own efforts on driving the Digital Sport business worldwide as it delivers data or data-powered content to our clients who will drive the next phase of sponsor activation, as well as fan engagement and insight. Businesses, whether they be media companies, digital publishers, app developers, fantasy sport providers, sponsors, marketing agencies, want fans to rely on them for these insights. And our comprehensive suite of data visualisation solutions, as well as the fastest and most accurate raw data, allow those businesses to give fans exactly what they are looking for – feeding their passion.


We know the power and impact of the data and solutions we provide. Key clients such as Google, Facebook, Samsung and Associated Press know. But LinkedIn gives us the perfect platform to make sure that all key industry players can learn about, understand and follow our progress, products and passion. Our website and our staff will be only too happy to welcome you and your interest but we hope that our LinkedIn Page will become a destination for those looking to get a first taste of how Sportradar can develop their offering to sports fans around the world.


We want our friends and our followers to get the best access to our insights, developments and products. We will use LinkedIn as a means to help you get that access, that information, hot off the press. Over the coming weeks, we will be showcasing our full suite of products and we are excited to see what the market’s reaction – what your reaction – will be. And it won’t stop there. We hope this page will become a destination for those who want to take the pulse of developments and innovations in and around exciting areas such as data, Big Data, analytics, machine learning, AI, AR, VR. I can’t predict the future. But I can predict that we have no intention of giving up the inquisitive and ambitious ethos that characterises me, my team and Sportradar.

I am very excited about the direction my team is heading, the direction Sportradar is forging, the direction that sport is moving. I hope you will interact with me and my team on that journey and we can share our ideas and passion. Because that is what it is all about in the end – our shared passion for sport and its potential.

I will jump back on this page every so often. Hope you click “Follow” and enjoy the insights!


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