ASEANAPOL call on Sportradar Security Services

Last week, the ASEANAPOL Secretariat received Sportradar at their offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We were accompanied by ASEANAPOL’s Head of strategy in IGCI and EUROPOL Liaison Officer in IGCI.

We were warmly welcomed by the Executive Director Pol. Brig. Gen., Director for Police Services and officers of the Secretariat.

During the one hour visit, we presented our Security Services and offered our expertise in investigating and providing evidence/intelligence on fraud betting activities, games fixing, money laundering etc which have now become trans-national criminal activities that affect sport industries globally.

After the presentation, we discussed how Sportradar can come on board to help the law enforcement authority within the ASEAN region with regards to combating the transnational crime that flows from the fraudulent sport activities.

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