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Based on our deep data coverage of some of the world’s most popular sports leagues, our performance data Widgets present content that goes far beyond core sports data – like fixtures, line-ups or goals – and makes sports data analysis enjoyable for experts and casual fans alike.

Additional elements, such as passing or shooting accuracy data, or 1-on-1 duel performance, is taken into consideration. This gives your customers a detailed image of a specific athlete’s, or team’s, performance during a certain game or season.

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Product highlights

A unique Player Performance Index to sum up an athlete’s performance in one single figure

Live updates of player and team performance values during a game

Appealing graphics visualise complex performance data

Contents based on in-depth data coverage for international top leagues

Each widget is available in many different formats

Easy comparison of player or team performance with others or with the league average

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Performance Widgets for soccer

Performance Widgets for the NFL

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All Widgets can be
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Colours and fonts can be adjusted
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