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U.S. sports fans have an unrivalled passion for live sports data and its analysis. Sportradar’s new U.S. sports service wholly meets the needs of U.S. sports fans and offers your users comprehensive in-depth statistics as well as full live-coverage for all major U.S. sports.

Our live sports analysts capture every single event in every game with accuracy standards developed from years of experience. Providing all the action before, during and after each event; our U.S. sports feed convinces with an in-depth live coverage for your multi-platform media solutions – in true real-time.



Product Highlights


Most comprehensive and reliable in-depth data service of all major U.S. sports – in real-time

State-of-the-art, flexible API platform providing direct access to all feeds – for an easy, fast and seamless feed integration

Extend your multi-platform media solutions with the latest in-depth U.S. sports data

Flexible and cost-efficient pricing plans offering the best price/quality value in the industry

Five-star customer service support – available 24/7/365

XML feeds to power your multi-platform media solutions



Sportradar’s U.S. sports data feeds are the perfect data solutions for purpose-built sports statistics and information deliveries by broadcasters and rights holders. They can range from standard content such as fixtures, live scores, results and standings to detailed event-based statistics, rankings and graphical solutions.



Sportradar’s U.S. sports data feeds are a powerful source to enrich any mobile offering relating to live sports or sports content applications. The vast coverage of major U.S. sports and competitions handled by SportsData rewards any provider of sports-related apps with near limitless opportunities.


Using our U.S. sports data feeds we can fill your printed magazines with the sports content of your choice. We provide media companies with everything from simple league tables, head-to-head information and cup trees; as well as detailed match information.


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