Entertainment with graphs and statistical correlations

Provide your customers with valuable information and ask topic related questions during game breaks.

Engaging questions and interesting statistical facts will increase the time your customers spend on your website.

Enrich the user experience and interactiveness of your offering.



Historical facts about team performances such as losing and winning streaks, scoring averages etc.

Interesting polls to give your customers a chance to state their opinion on match related topics.

Clever algorithm that pushes the right questions at the right time, live during a match.

Engages visitors both in pre-match and in-play time, providing for the ultimate user experience.




The core of this widget is a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account statistical information about teams and athletes from previous performances, in order to create entertaining infographics and interesting questions before the match and after certain scenarios during the match.

image2016-2-22 10-17-4


1.) Valuable information

Triggered by pre-match statistical facts or in-play events and situations.

2.) Engaging visualisations

Clear infographics to present the statistical facts.

3.) At the right moment

The right facts, at the right time. Facts are case-specific based on current time of the match and events on field.

Comming soon!

User voting

Carefully designed questions, triggered by in-play game events that allow user interaction (voting).

image2016-2-22 9-57-17

Poll results

Encourage user interaction and link answers directly to poll results, gathered from around the world or your own clients exclusively.

Facts and figures features

 Thousands of valuable pieces of  statistical information ( pre-match and in-play)

 Algorithm which determines, prioritises and triggers questions based on match timing and multiple in-play event combinations.

 Team, player and even referee related statistical facts and carefully designed questions and answers that act as very effective calls to action.

 Available as a stand alone widget  embedded into any website or inside of hosted solutions the Live Match Tracker (LMT) .




Inside EC 2016 Live Centre solution

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Inside Live Match Tracker

image2016-2-22 10-11-21

Stand alone widget

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