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With Sportradar’s Content Administration Tool (CAT) you can rely on a large variety of configuration features that are related to your hosted content solutions such as the Live Centres, Live Scores or Statistics Centre.

Whether you would like to embed statistics snippets within your web offering, generate links for deep linking purposes, insert your own editorial commentary in your hosted live solution or simply push the latest feed updates to your server – CAT provides you a wide range of options to handle the content and services you are receiving.

If you already have login details, please start here!  If you have no login details yet, please contact for registration.



Content Administration Tool – Login

Product highlights

Tailor your content to the needs and demand of your users

Easy and fast handling of change requests and set-up

Display your sports content in multiple languages

Add new features and content and therefore value to your existing offering

Create a unique offering by using a large pool of content and configuration options

Next to no communication loops

Easy and fast handling of all of your content solutions





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