Data-driven marketing services, designed for betting operators

Sportradar ad:s is a holistic marketing solution that capitalises on our deep understanding of bookmakers’ needs, providing one-of-a-kind marketing solutions for sports betting operators. With product diversification intensifying and becoming more regionally focused, efficient customer acquisition and retention is crucial for running a sportsbook – that’s where Sportradar ad:s comes into the game.

As the world’s leading betting services provider, we have built a business founded on fast, reliable and measurable data. That analytical expertise is applied to your marketing and sponsorships, eliminating waste and streamlining your business with targeted spend on verifiable prospects that will produce concrete results.

This, paired with our broad media network, deep relationships and vast infrastructure is the cornerstone to growing your business. We are experts in providing a 360-degree marketing solution that addresses all needs of your sportsbook.

Product Highlights

Betting-specific targeting opportunities to increase marketing conversion rates

Maximise profit margins thanks to unique campaign optimisations

Sportradar ad:s connects you to over 300 rights holders to create the best possible, customised, sponsorship opportunities

Regional experts across the globe to support and accelerate internationalisation strategies

Specialised DSP with its own betting DMP for the most efficient programmatic advertising in the industry

Take advantage of Sportradar’s holistic approach (Product, Data, AV & Marketing)

Product Features

Digital Traffic

UX and UI Design

Programmatic Advertising

Global Sponsorships

Search Engine Marketing

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