Welcome to Sportradar in Trondheim

Join us where it all began – in the city of Trondheim in central Norway! This is where our first technology was created and where we’ve grown to become the largest software developer in the city – with over 120 developers.

Today, Sportradar is truly international. With more than 2,300 employees working in offices around the globe, we pride ourselves in being able to derive value out of sports data and content for a whole host of organisations and businesses.

Our roots, however, are here in Trondheim. And it’s where some of Sportradar’s core systems are still developed. Trondheim is a pure development office, and almost all employees are developers who work alongside a system administration team of roughly 10 engineers.

Please scroll down to read more about what do work on, which software we work with and why living in Trondheim and working for Sportradar here in Norway is great.

The Trondheim office in numbers

On the map since 2000

Number of colleagues 127

Number of developers 123


Average age ~31 years

Amateur beer brewers 12

More about the Sportradar group

The purpose of this web page is to introduce the Sportradar office in Trondheim. If you are looking for information about the Sportradar group however, its products and services, partners, clients and other offices worldwide please   CLICK HERE

What we work with

Our developers mainly program in in Java and JavaScript, in addition to PHP, C++ and several other languages. Our core database systems are MySQL (other systems are used where it makes best sense).

We have been running microservice-like architecture since the early 2000s, using our homegrown Java application scheduler.
Our web applications are typically developed using React and associated libraries. Due to our massive amounts of traffic, we are fairly advanced users of nginx and Varnish Cache. At the Trondheim office developers can choose whether they want to run Windows or, as most prefer, some flavour of Linux. You are free to choose which IDE you want.

Our applications are hosted on Openstack in our own datacenter in Switzerland as well as in AWS. We virtualize, automate and ensure high availability. Puppet, Cloudformation, Heat, Zabbix and Prometheus are among the essential tools used to manage our services. Our servers run Debian and we have a strong preference for Free/Open Source Software.

What we work on

The Trondheim office is involved in almost every Sportradar product. But most importantly, the Trondheim developers maintain Sportradar’s live data and live odds systems; and they have a key role in Sportradar’s video offerings.

The backend of Sportradar’s white label hosted solutions are handled here, as well as many of the frontends. Also, many of the sports in the Sportradar sports API are developed in Trondheim; for example, soccer and tennis.

In addition to the developers, Trondheim has a system admin team consisting of highly experienced Linux administrators.

Working and living in Trondheim / Norway

Our office is located at Solsiden in the brand new Adressa-huset complex – which provides us with all the facility that entails (from a convention centre to restaurants, and more). This popular location is also well serviced by public transport, which is greatly appreciated by employees who come in by bus, ferry or train (there’s also many excellent cycling paths).

The area is also quickly becoming ‘the’ place to be for food and entertainment. In fact, the cafe scene throughout Trondheim is the best developed in Norway, with tons of fine coffee-and-cake spots (most doubling as pubs during the night). If you want to get out and about, rest assured that Trondheim has an active nightlife.

It’s also extremely convenient when you want to travel through Norway or visit the rest of the world. There’s an airport, a good train system, and a stunning harbour that berths many coastal liners as they make their way North and South through Norway.

But we’re confident you won’t want to leave very often. The city of Trondheim is not only beautiful, it’s the oldest of Norway’s major cities, the third biggest in Norway, and the biggest city in Sør-Trøndelag county – and it’s perfectly situated to explore the region.

Over half of the county’s population (around 200,000 people) lives in Trondheim and its suburbs (with 30,000 university students contributing to its vibrant culture).

There’s plenty of shopping, exhibitions and activities – and each year the city hosts a wide range of concerts, plays and festivals from jazz and opera to food and beer.

And when it comes to eating out and experiencing regional produce, you’ll find out why Trondheim is rightly called the Food City.

To the west is the Norwegian Sea (Atlantic Ocean), and to the east is Jämtland in Sweden.

Trondheim experiences moderate snowfall from November to March, but mixed with mild weather and rainfall. For thousands of years people have enjoyed living in this beautiful area. The fertile lowland bordering the Trondheimsfjord was probably the most important power centre in the Viking Age.




Benefits for Sportradar employees in Trondheim

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Sportradar covers everything you need to develop your skillset: conferences, training, and more.

For two hours a week you can spend time on your own projects.

And twice a year, we arrange Sportradar ShipIt (inspired by Atlassian ShipIt), where we build anything we believe will create value: socially or commercially.



We organise regular internal hackathons that focus on solving specific business cases.

Expat opportunities

Expat opportunities

Our workflows enable us to work effectively with product developers in other locations. This includes occasional travel to other offices, which is always great fun.

It also opens the possibility of temporary (or permanent) relocation to other offices (if you want to try living as an expat in Poland or the USA, for example).

Sports activities

Sports activities

We have our own darts, golf, squash, and counter-strike tournaments and participate in the Trondheim Marathon and the Holmenkollstafetten relay race.

We also provide free tickets to the Pirbadet water park; and Sportradar rents a cage ball court every week.

Additional benefits

Additional benefits

We have a yearly trip to Åre, as well as annual Christmas and summer parties.
Twice a year, the best house brewers compete in the Sportradar Tap Battle.

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Ferjemannsveien 10
N-7014 Trondheim



Contact person: Torgeir Hofsli t.hofsli@sportradar.com

Phone number

+47 73 10 14 16