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The Ljubljana office is the biggest IT office in the Sportradar group. It has been a part of Sportradar group since 2012 (formerly known as Klika) and has since then grown from 30 to more than 100 employees. Most of Sportradar’s important products, such as mobile products or virtual games are being developed here. Our employees get to work in a creative, relaxed work environment, full of great personalities, fostering both personal and professional growth of each individual.
On this page you find some interesting figures about the Ljubljana office. You can also find detailed information about the various benefits that employees enjoy – on and off the clock. Read about what makes Ljubljana and Slovenia a great place to live and why Sportradar’s employees love it.
This page tells you who to contact if you need more information on the company or if you would like to plan a visit of our office and want to meet us in person.

The Ljubljana office in numbers

On the map since 2012

Number of colleagues 122

Number of geeks 122

Company dogs
1 full-time5 part-time

Average age ~32 years

Cups of coffee consumed annually 45 000

More about the Sportradar group

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Living in Ljubljana / Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital city Slovenia and with approx. 280.000 inhabitants it is also it’s largest city. Although it can not be compared to other European capitals in terms of size, it possesses all the facilities of a major European city – the cultural, educational, economic and architectural. During the summer months, when Ljubljana becomes alive in the truest sense of the word, you can see many beautiful corners in this small city. For example Ljubljana castle where you can find a beautiful view over the city, Prešeren Square, Congress Square, where you can attend a concert or simply just relax on the grass, Triple Bridge, under which flows the river Ljubljanica, museums and much more.

Also in December, Ljubljana is something special because it’s the start of the most festive month of the year: holiday lights are turned on, the Christmas Fair begins, concerts are held at which you can get warm with mulled wine.
Ljubljana is the European Green Capital 2016 and the proud holder of a Tourism for Tomorrow 2015 award. Being a city with a green soul and a high level of environmental awareness, it has managed to preserve its green character to the present day.

Let’s talk about working For Sportradar in Ljubljana

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Marin Ribać

Sales Director for Digital Sports Southeast Europe

Working with Sportradar since December 2013

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Why is it fascinating to work at Sportradar?

For me, the main reason behind joining this ever-growing company, was its unique position at the intersection of sports and technology. Working for such a diverse entity, who is firmly embedded into several aspects of the sports entertainment industry, is a true privilege for a sports buff like me.
Here in Ljubljana we are involved in the majority of projects developed throughout the company. This means there is a lot of opportunity to learn different skills and contribute to a wide variety of products. Teams are small and agile, making it easy to fit in quickly and really get to know the people you work with.

Sportradar is an international company – can you feel that?

Oh yes! In my line of work, I’m engaging in business development talks, which requires lots of travelling and visiting clients from different countries. We have a dedicated travel department for external and internal travel purposes, something that I always found fascinating and very helpful.

What does the company do to look after its employees?

Sportradar does it’s best to pamper us with perks, such as massage chairs, game rooms, a pool table, fresh fruit, coffee and snacks, evening recreational sports, summer team buildings, epic Christmas parties etc. We just recently added a spectacular restaurant, made just for our employees in Ljubljana, where we get to choose from a wide selection of freshly prepared meals each day.

It almost seems you only have fun in the office?

Of course we have fun, however, to be successful we work very hard every day. Most of my colleagues in the office, from top to bottom are still very young, which reflects well on the relaxed every-day atmosphere. Still, we take our work very seriously, knowing that a huge chunk of the market relies on our top-notch services every single day. Managing to bring the results, while keeping this office and company vibrant and a fun place to work at, is a great achievement that we shouldn’t take for granted.

Please, tell us a bit about Ljubljana.

Ljubljana has seen a recent surge in popularity, a result of past and successful efforts to make this city green, pedestrian- and bike-friendly with a charming town centre that is stretched along the river and completely closed off for cars. It’s a university town, so it has its fair share of young people coming in. Our capital has history too, something that is felt while walking through the old town streets or climbing up to the castle for splendid views.

What are the advantages of living in a mid-size city?

The city itself is not too big, that’s true. It means that it’s manageable and you won’t loose too much time in traffic. Still, it has a lot to offer and there are many recreation areas, where you can cancel out the tasty treats from many of the town’s valued restaurants.


Nataša Pristovšek

Junior Product Manager

Working with Sportradar since August 2015

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Sportradar in Ljubljana in one sentence. That would be…

The Sportradar office in Ljubljana is a unique work environment with corporate culture that fosters growth, creativity and innovation

How hard is it for you to motivate yourself to get up for in the morning?

Quite easy. Coming to the office never feels like a chore and this reflects in the overall satisfaction of employees, I think. There’s a relaxed atmosphere and sense of family among (mostly young or young at heart) employees, working in a playful – startup-ish setting. We have gaming room, pool table, virtual reality headsets, massage chairs, terraces with loungers etc. By the way, it is a very dog friendly environment, so don’t forget to bring treats for our office dog Spotty when visiting!

How would you describe the city?

Ljubljana is cosy and located in the heart of Europe. It offers one of the highest qualities of living in the world. There is always something to do for anyone – from open kitchen events for foodies, various hiking, jogging and cycling trails for active people, all the way up to a vibrant night life of bars at Ljubljanica riverbank and night clubs for the party animals.

Is it family friendly?

Since Ljubljana is also one of the safest cities in the world, it’s perfect for young families and thanks to its great location, you are always just an hour of drive away from swimming in the Adriatic sea or skiing in the Alps. Want to travel or have your family / friends visit you during the weekends? No problem as there are three international airports in the area that let you travel virtually anywhere in Europe and the world.


Dimitar Kotevski

Senior Software Developer

Working with Sportradar since June 2013

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What do you enjoy most about working at Sportradar?

We work in small teams which allows us to get to know each other better and communicate on more personal levels than in a traditional corporate environment. That allows us to have more open communication which is a key to faster problem discovery and easier problem solving. The environment here is so relaxed that it sometimes does not feel like working at all – even though we constantly have to deliver.

Are you a Ljubljanian?

Almost. I moved to Ljubljana to study in 2007 and instantly fell in love with the city. It is the most balanced city I have ever been to. It is not a huge city, which gives it it’s serenity, and at the same time it is not so small to make it boring.

People at Sportradar are global-minded and like to travel. Is that possible in Ljubljana?

It has the perfect geo-location. With just one hour drive you can either visit the beautiful Slovenian or Croatian seaside, or visit a number of amazing ski resorts in Slovenia, Austria or Italy in winter. Also a number of amazing cities, like Vienna, Venice, Budapest, Munich, and Zagreb are just a few hours away by car.


Ramon Miklus

Software Developer

Working with Sportradar since June 2016

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Why do you like to work at Sportradar – in one sentence?

In Sportadar I have the opportunity to work on world-class projects with talented engineers of different nationalities.

Is it a global player or a start-up?

The company is very large with branches all over the world, but here in the Ljubljana office you can feel the atmosphere of an agile, innovative start-up. Innovation is indeed crucial in technology, and here engineers are free to experiment and create. Also the fact that I can work on applications that will be used by thousands and thousands of users worldwide it’s something I found very motivating and rewarding.

How is the company culture?

In a word: friendly. Here I found out that the great work delivered by Sportradar engineers results not only from hard work, but also from the positive and easy going attitude that distinguishes the people who work here.

Why is Ljubljana a great place to live?

It has everything a modern European capital has to offer, with its unique architecture and a wide variety of cultural and sport events. Ljubljana perfectly reflects the spirit of Slovenia, a hidden gem of astonishing beauty and unspoilt nature, with its numerous parks and green areas where you can relax and do sport.

What is in for active people?

The city is truly bike friendly, with many kilometers of cycling lanes that make cycling even more fun here. Ljubljana is also an excellent home base for exploring Slovenia and the rest of Europe, so close to everything that you could find yourself relaxing on the beach and hiking one of the most beautiful mountain trails in Europe all in the same day.

Benefits for Sportradar employees in LJUBLJANA

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Sportradar offers language and professional trainings for all its employees in Ljubljana.

Since we mostly communicate with other Sportradar offices in English and German, trainings in these two languages are available to all emplyoees.
Our employees also get trainings in soft-skills and other work related areas and the possibility to attend IT conferences abroad and locally. We also organize various internal workshops that help employees develop new skills and stay up to date with the latest technologies.


After work sports

All of our employees have several sports activities available free of charge. We have a gym membership in the fitness center located just 2 minutes away from the office which offers fitness and sauna. We also have private mixed martial arts (boxing, wrestling or brasilian ju jitsu) lessons in the nearby MMA gym. Once a week we also play badminton and soccer together.


Sports activities

Employees that need a break from work can relax by playing table soccer, darts, video games on PlayStation or Nintendo, table tennis, pool and even race cars on a racing simulator or go back in time and play some of the most popular video games from the 90s on a video arcade machine.
The company organises an annual inter-office darts tournament for which one person from each office across the world can qualify with paid flights, accommodation and a lot of support from the colleagues that follow the event in a live streaming session. Due to increasing popularity of eSports, a »Counter-Strike: Global Offensive« tournament was organized in 2016 and the two teams that made it to the finals went to see the biggest CS:GO event in the world live and play their final match there.


Snacks and beverages

Since sport activities are only one side of the coin, we also provide healthy snacks in the form of fresh fruits, cereal and nuts delivered daily to the offices. Smoothies are also available to order in the company restaurant if you want to give your body a large dose of vitamins. As most of the IT industry can not operate without caffeine, we have a state of the art coffee machine that needs to make at least 200 cups of high quality coffee per day. Tea and other refreshing drinks are of course also available free of charge.



Company restaurant

In 2016 we have opened an inhouse restaurant which has at least 10 different freshly cooked meals on the menu daily and has the capacity of serving up to 150 meals a day. This enables our employees to get fresh and high quality food every day of the week without having to go to the nearby restaurants.


Additional benefits

Free parking space is available for all our employees and there is a bus stop only 50m away from the office building. The bus, takes you to straight to the city center. We also have bicycle parking space and even a shower for refreshment upon arrival.



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