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The Linz office is one of the biggest and one of the most diverse in the whole Sportradar group, drawing employees from 27 countries to work here. Whether it’s the Live Odds trading floor with our specialists verifying incoming data and calculating odds for our clients around the world, the Audiovisual Centre where incoming live streams of sports events are processed for our different live channel products or key group functions such as Product Development, Accounting, Controlling, Innovation and Business Development, Sales, Live Scouting Administration or Mathematics.

On this page you find some interesting figures about the Linz office . You can also find detailed information about the various benefits that employees enjoy – on and off the clock. Read about what makes Linz and Upper Austria a great place to live and why Sportradar’s employees love it.

Last but not least, this page tells you who to contact if you need more information, would like to plan a visit of our office or want to meet us at career fairs in Upper Austria.

The Linz office in numbers

On the map since 2006

Number of colleagues 151

Nationalities 27

Languages 21

Average age ~34

Broken walls from passionate ping pong matches 2

More about the Sportradar group

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Living in Linz / Upper Austria

Set in the rolling green countryside of Upper Austria, Linz is a synergy of industry, culture and nature. It is the third largest city in Austria. To its visitors and more than 200.000 inhabitants Upper Austria’s capital city has much more to offer than just a long and interesting history. Linz received the UNESCO designation of City of Media Arts in 2014 and it’s easy to see why. In addition to pioneering technology and visionary media arts, the city offers a variety of historical and cultural highlights, as well as culinary delights.

More than anything else though, Linz is defined by its location. Flanked by the river Danube and with the Eastern Alps in the backdrop, the city is geographically at the very heart of Europe, with cities as diverse as Prague, Munich, Verona, Bratislava and Ljubljana just a few hours drive away.

Let’s talk about working for Sportradar in Linz

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Andrea Perra

Andrea Perra

Associate Director Live Data Production

From Italy

Working with Sportradar since August 2012

Andrea about Sportradar

If you are passionate about sports – any sport – from soccer to baseball, from squash to ice hockey, this is the job for you. You can make your passion become your job. You can work for a truly international company, with colleagues from all around the world, sharing different cultures and ideas. This is really stimulating.The company supports you in many ways. At the workplace but also in your daily life outside the office, whenever it is needed. I experienced support and help with bureaucracy when looking for an accommodation or health insurance for example.”

Andrea about Linz

If you have a family, it’s simply great to live here. Being a new father, as of the last few months, of a “Linzer” boy, I´ve noticed that the assistance in hospitals for my wife was great. Austria really protects families with financial support and child care, allowing for their growth in a nice environment.
The city has a medium-size dimension, which is ideal to avoid the chaos of a metropolis, but also not too small so that you can always have things to do and to see.”

Jill Witschen

Jill Witschen

HR Manager

From Canada

Working with Sportradar since May 2015

Jill about Sportradar

“I was initially interested in working at Sportradar because I heard about their employee demographic largely made up of international employees. Coming from abroad myself, I thought it would be great to work in an environment with other like-minded global individuals – and it is!
I like that the company enables their employees to not only comfortably share ideas for innovations or improvements, but to transform their ideas into actions.”

Jill about Linz

“Linz is a great city to live in because it offers activities for everyone, no matter what your interests and hobbies may be. For example, for those who like to be active in their free time, there is a great biking trail along the Danube and the Austrian Alps close by for hiking, skiing, and any other imaginable alpine activities.
My personal favorite part about Linz is its location. Linz serves as the perfect home base to explore the rest of Austria and Europe. There are many cities, villages, and sites to be discovered within a small radius of the city, allowing for a new adventure every weekend!”

Nargiz Nasirova

Nargiz Nasirova

Business Analyst

From Azerbaijan

Working with Sportradar since November 2015

Nargiz about Sportradar

“Now, after having worked here for 7 months I am still impressed with the company: We are growing very fast and exploring new areas not only in our industry but also in completely different ones. Our product is unique and has numerous and various creative applications at the same time.
Our team grows gathering people of different nationalities and backgrounds, which altogether makes it very creative and diverse. A perfect foundation for generating new ideas and moving the company forward.
In my job I am in contact with technical teams for different products, marketing, sales heads, and many others which makes me learn more each day about the industry, market, technical details of our products and much more.”

Nargiz about Linz

I find the city very cozy, nice and beautiful with its wonderful nature and variety of landscapes especially along the Danube riverside.
Though it is not too big, you can still find various activities and at the same time enjoy the benefits of a small city.
At the same time the location of the city makes it very easy to travel both within Austria and to neighboring countries – you can reach Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Ljubljana, Munich, Bratislava and many more beautiful cities just in several hours.”

Simon Kus

Simon Kus

Assistant Product Manager

From the United Kingdom

Working with Sportradar since January 2016

Simon about Sportradar

I like working at Sportradar because the company is young, agile, and you are on the pulse of sports big data on a scale no other company even comes close to.
How would I describe the company culture? In a word ….unpretentious, there is neither an air of corporate boredom nor the tiresome attention seeking of an overly hip start-up.
My colleagues are a diverse mix of local and international who never fail to bring an interesting dynamic to the day at work, be it in a professional or social context.”

Simon about Linz

Linz and the wider Upper Austria region is a vibrant business hub where they are very successfully managing the transformation from traditional manufacturing powerhouse to being a leader in the technology and information industries of the future.
Outside the office you get breathtaking Alpine nature, a great selection of underrated wine, and a climate in which you can enjoy both.”

Benefits for Sportradar employees in Linz

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Language trainings

Language Trainings

Sportradar offers language courses in both English and German. Our English teacher Karen helps employees to strengthen communication skills in the company language. Our international employees who have the possibility to study German, even get more than mere language lessons. When Udo, our German teacher is in the house, he also provides valuable insights into the Austrian culture. Understanding day to day Austrian life becomes a much easier experience with Udo’s weekly sessions.


Health care workshops

Health Care Workshops

Of course health and fitness are not only important for professional athletes. Sportradar offers many extra benefits to support the health of its employees: health care workshops, eyesight tests and vaccinations only reflect a small part of our commitment to employee health.


Office sports

Office sports

For those who do not get enough of sports in their daily routines at work, there are plenty of opportunities for them to become athletes themselves. Breaks in the office can turn into training sessions for darts, pool, table soccer, or table tennis. The company organises an annual inter-office darts tournament for which one person from each office across the world can qualify with paid flights, accommodation and a lot of support from the colleagues that follow the event in a live streaming session. For those who are not too much into darts there are many other competitions in the Linz office, where heroes and legends are made.


After work sports

After work sports

Some employees can also be found spending their evenings together playing soccer, basketball and ice hockey. These organised evenings are a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues. For those interested in trying out ice hockey, beware that our resident Canadian will not take it easy on you. Aside from sizing each other up athletically, we also like to combine our wits to compete in a pub quiz. Our diverse backgrounds have proven to be an asset to the pub quiz team who often heads home a little jollier after winning a bottle of whisky. Some colleagues even consider their weekly afterwork beer as a sport.

after work sport

Season tickets

Season tickets

The office holds two season tickets which allow our employees to experience the thrilling atmosphere of matches of the Blackwings Linz – one of the best hockey teams in Austria. Every ice hockey match is a battle – but the fight for the tickets in the playoff season is even harder.




Fresh seasonal fruits are delivered to the kitchens on each floor regularly, where they often meet tough competition.
Three coffee machines provide a caffeine kick whenever you feel it is needed. Get the day started with a cappuccino or enjoy your break with an espresso in one of our lounge areas in the afternoon.



Additional benefits

Additional benefits

Sportradar’s Linz office is linked very well to the public transportation network and there is also plenty of parking space available. Parking is free for employees.

Depending on the position and situation, part-time work options are usually possible. Additionally, working hours are flexible.
A job at Sportradar is not necessarily a 9-to-5-job.

Another plus: All our facilities in Linz are accessible for wheelchairs.


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