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Our Bremen office was set up on the back of an award-winning football robot technology. Add a proprietary engine to the mix and you end up with the fastest growing virtual sports supplier in the world. Since the release of Virtual Football in 2011, which is sold through Sportradar’s brand Betradar, our Bremen office has steadily increased its product portfolio and the size of its team.
Our in-house technology is supported by talented graphic artists and developers, who can match the features offered by AAA games, including the delivery of some of the world’s largest Motion Capture projects.

Over the past years, we have also established a team of dedicated client support professionals and a competent group of web and mobile developers. All of whom ensure that our products work and look great across multiple platforms and everywhere around the world at any given time.

Listed below you can find some interesting figures about the Bremen office and detailed information regarding the various benefits that employees enjoy – on and off the clock! You can also read about what makes Bremen such a great place to live.

The Bremen office in numbers

On the map since 2007

Number of colleagues 70

Average age ~36 years

Motion capturing man 1

Office dog 2

More about the Sportradar group

The purpose of this web page is to introduce the Sportradar office in Bremen. If you are looking for information about the Sportradar group however, its products and services, partners, clients and other offices worldwide please   CLICK HERE

What we do

We develop virtual sports betting products based on real sports data in order to provide punters with an experience that is as close to real sports as it gets.

The products we build are used by bookmakers around the world to provide their customers with virtually the same thrill as live sports on any device at any given time.

Following the success of Virtual Football, we successfully broadened our portfolio by adding other sports such as basketball, tennis, baseball, and – soon – cricket and baseball.

In the boxes below you get more information about the different areas of work in the Bremen office of Sportradar.


Our simulation team ensures that our games replicate real sports in all areas – from in-match performance to competition mechanics. All content is developed using our in-house developed “Corona” engine, which is compatible with Mocap and advanced graphics software. Once the technology is ready, our graphic design experts do the rest.


Our team of developers and UX experts ensure that our products are always cutting-edge and offer the best experience possible – for our clients and their customers.Because our products run live on a variety of devices, and our clients come from all over the world, our products need to be highly customisable.


Jira Software and agile methodologies are used across the board. Our product managers and key account managers deal with clients worldwide to ensure efficient workflows.

Make the team: Join us and shape your future, as well as ours!

All jobs

Working and Living in Bremen / Germany

With a population of more than half a million, Bremen is the second largest city in Northern Germany (just behind Hamburg), and offers all the amenities you can expect from a big city. It’s home to dozens of historical galleries and museums, is close to the beautiful beaches and idyllic islands of the German North Sea coast, and is connected to the world by an international airport.

With a high percentage of people from abroad (far above the German average), Bremen has a very international flair.

And if you’re considering relocating to Germany from another country, you’ll not only enjoy its high social security and health care standards, but see first-hand why it’s regarded as a great place to work.

The German economy is one of the world’s strongest, with Bremen – having been a city of international trade for many centuries – playing an important role in making Germany the world “export” champion.

Our office is in the up and coming area of “Überseestadt”, one of Europe’s largest urban development projects. Our open plan offices are situated in a renovated warehouse with large glass windows and spacious rooms, and is surrounded by numerous restaurants with views to the river Weser.

Let’s talk about Working for Sportradar in Bremen

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Software Engineer

Working with Sportradar since May 2014

Christoffer about Sportradar

I was still at University when I joined as an intern, but I felt included into the team very quickly. Given my studies and interests, I chose to work with the Web team. Eventually, when I completed my Master’s degree, I became a full-time employee and was given the chance to join a newly-founded web and user-interface design team.”

Christoffer about Bremen

Bremen is my hometown and I really like its people and their mentality. The surrounding landscape is just great. The city is very convenient too – you can literally bike anywhere. Also, you can easily go up river and get out into the North Sea and swim alongside the beaches or in many of the lakes that are in the area. Canoeing is also something you can do in most of the rivers. As a football fan, one of my favourite activities is, of course, to see Werder Bremen and support their efforts in one of the best leagues in the world.”


Project Manager

Working with Sportradar since May 2017

Chandan about Sportradar

“What I like the best is the working environment. It’s very friendly and open-minded to the point that one can always express ideas about everything. The office space reflects that too. Everyone has something different on their desks, which makes it very authentic – from LEGO figures to flags of their favourite football club. The staff is very diverse in its interests. Whereas there are some hardcore sports fans, there are others who prefer to sit back and play videogames. I think this proves there’s a place for everyone here.”

Chandan about Germany

“Germany is a very modern and welcoming country. Personally, I find its working culture fascinating. On the one hand, people are keen to plan in advance and engage in such planning with an open and honest attitude, which is great. On the other hand, personal life is also very important and is addressed with the same attitude. I find that a very healthy thing to do.”


Office and HR Manager

Working with Sportradar since July 2012

Denise about Sportradar

“I´ve worked at Sportradar for over 5 years now and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of its successful story. From the beginning, people were really nice and helped wherever they could. I’ve always felt a part of the Bremen team and a member of the Sportradar family, which makes it easy to come to work and give the best I can to achieve our goals. Sportradar gives you the chance to work with colleagues all over the world and because of our constant growth, nice people and an open and communicative working atmosphere, it never gets boring. And even though we are growing, we keep our great team spirit and rely on each other. I´m also happy to have such good training and learning opportunities.”

Denise about Bremen

Bremen is my home town and I really love being here. The city isn’t so big and busy like others and you can reach everything in a reasonable time, whether by car, tram or bike. On sunny days you can spend your time at the Schlachte, in the Bürgerpark, or directly at the Weser. Although Bremen is a small city, there are so many things to do and so many fantastic events and concerts over the year (open air and inside).”

Denise is currently on a parental leave.


Quality Assurance Manager

Working with Sportradar since August 2017

Sylvia about Sportradar

I was made to feel part of the team from day one. During my first days, I was given an onboarding process with lots of help and training from my colleagues – this made me feel empowered to take on my new job. Opportunities for further learning are always available too. I’ve also enjoyed the social events organised by the company.”

Sylvia about Bremen

Bremen is gorgeous, with a lot of historical sites that are worth a visit. Every nationality is represented, and an atmosphere of respect can be felt everywhere. Given how I’m a local, my opinion might be biased a bit, but there’s no point in hiding how much I enjoy a walk around Bremen’s old and vibrant neighbourhoods such as the ‘Viertel’ and ‘Schnoor’. My favourite spot is ‘Knoopspark’, a park in the outskirts of the city that is full of captivating nature.”

Benefits for Sportradar employees in Bremen

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Ongoing training

Weekly language courses in Business English and German are just one part of our continuous efforts to provide everything our diverse employees need for their professional and personal development. Our culture is all about sharing knowledge and experience – while offering support with learning new technologies and using open source solutions.

Everyone gets the chance to attend trainings and industry events locally and abroad. We also run training sessions with the actual coaches of the sports we build our products for – helping us to gain a truly in-depth understanding of their sport.


Office sports

It’s not just virtual sports that dominates our office. Many colleagues have daily competitions in darts or foosball. And every year some represent their office in a Sportradar-wide tournament playing either golf, soccer, Counter-Strike or darts.

After-work sports

Everyone working for Sportradar in Bremen enjoys special conditions for gym memberships, and some colleagues meet for friendly 5-a-side football matches after work on a weekly basis.

Other benefits

At our Bremen office, fresh fruit, free coffee, tea, and more, are highly appreciated and consumed daily. We also have a fun Christmas party and celebrate Bremen’s many unique local traditions every year – from the Kohlfahrt in February to the Freimarkt in October.

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