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The Ljubljana office is the biggest IT office in the Sportradar group. It has been a part of Sportradar group since 2012 (formerly known as Klika) and has since then grown from 30 to more than 100 employees. Most of Sportradar’s important products, such as mobile products or virtual games are being developed here. Our employees get to work in a creative, relaxed work environment, full of great personalities, fostering both personal and professional growth of each individual.
On this page you find some interesting figures about the Ljubljana office. You can also find detailed information about the various benefits that employees enjoy – on and off the clock. Read about what makes Ljubljana and Slovenia a great place to live and why Sportradar’s employees love it.
This page tells you who to contact if you need more information on the company or if you would like to plan a visit of our office and want to meet us in person.

The LJUBLJANA office in numbers

On the map since: 2012

Number of colleagues: 122

Number of geeks: 122

Average age: ~32 years

Company dogs: 1 full-time and 5 part-time

Cups of coffee consumed annually: 45000

Living in Ljubljana / Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital city Slovenia and with approx. 280.000 inhabitants it is also it’s largest city. Although it can not be compared to other European capitals in terms of size, it possesses all the facilities of a major European city – the cultural, educational, economic and architectural. During the summer months, when Ljubljana becomes alive in the truest sense of the word, you can see many beautiful corners in this small city. For example Ljubljana castle where you can find a beautiful view over the city, Prešeren Square, Congress Square, where you can attend a concert or simply just relax on the grass, Triple Bridge, under which flows the river Ljubljanica, museums and much more.

Also in December, Ljubljana is something special because it’s the start of the most festive month of the year: holiday lights are turned on, the Christmas Fair begins, concerts are held at which you can get warm with mulled wine.
Ljubljana is the European Green Capital 2016 and the proud holder of a Tourism for Tomorrow 2015 award. Being a city with a green soul and a high level of environmental awareness, it has managed to preserve its green character to the present day.


Let’s talk about working For Sportradar in Ljubljana

Please click on the names below to see what our the employees can tell you about Ljubljana as a city and about working in our office in Slovenia.



Marin Ribać

Sales Director for Digital Sports Southeast Europe


Nataša Pristovšek

Junior Product Manager


Dimitar Kotevski

Senior Software Developer


Ramon Miklus

Software Developer


If you are interested to work for Sportradar in Ljubljana please contact our HR team: hr@sportradar.com

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